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Steven Blane officiating at a Civil Wedding Ceremony

Civil Wedding Ceremony

Civil Weddings: Celebrating Love Beyond Religious Boundaries

A civil wedding, an increasingly popular choice for couples, is a non-religious wedding ceremony that legally binds two individuals in marriage. Unlike traditional religious ceremonies, civil weddings are secular in nature, focusing on the legal aspect of marriage and often allowing for greater personalization in the ceremony.

The Essence of a Civil Wedding

Civil weddings are conducted by a government official or a legally authorized person, such as a judge, a justice of the peace, or a municipal clerk. These ceremonies are characterized by their secular setting, which can vary from a courthouse or city hall to any chosen venue like a beach, garden, or even a home. The primary focus of a civil wedding is the legal commitment made between the two individuals, devoid of religious connotations.

Civil Wedding Ceremony

Destination Weddings

Officiant and Rabbi for Destination Weddings: Crafting Unforgettable Ceremonies Abroad

Destination weddings offer couples a unique and memorable way to tie the knot in exotic or meaningful locations around the world. An essential element in planning such weddings is choosing the right officiant, and for Jewish couples or those seeking a blend of traditions, a rabbi for a destination wedding can play a pivotal role.

The Role of Officiants in Destination Weddings

An officiant for a destination wedding is more than just a ceremonial leader. They bring a sense of solemnity and legality to the marriage. In destination weddings, the officiant's role adapts to diverse settings - from a sandy beach ceremony to a historic European castle. They guide the couple through their vows, ensure the marriage complies with local laws, and often help personalize the ceremony to reflect the couple’s unique relationship.

Steven Blane officiates at a wedding in Central Park during a light rain
Destination Weddings
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Same sex wedding in Central Park with Steven Blane officiating

Same Sex Weddings

I am very happy to officiate at same-sex marriage ceremonies. I will work with you to customize your ceremony to be inclusive and loving. 


I officiate at many gay and lesbian civil (non-religious) wedding ceremonies in Central Park.

If you are a Jewish couple, and you are seeking a religious ceremony, I will explain all the rituals and the significance of our traditions to your modern lives.


If you are "spiritual but non-religious" I can help you create the perfect wedding ceremony.

You will remember your wedding for the rest of your lives so why not work with a professional?


I will help you create a joyful and loving memory!

Same Sex Weddings

Central Park Wedding

A Wedding Ceremony in Central Park is always a simple and beautiful affair!

Winter, Spring, Summer of Fall- all seasons are wedding seasons in NYC! And Central Park is New York's gift to the world. It's filled with smiling tourists and native New Yorkers. What a memorable place to have your wedding ceremony.


I have officiated at hundreds of Civil Wedding Ceremonies in Central Park. I'll typically  ride up on my bike or kick scooter, take off my helmet and away we go!

I will guide you in all aspects of your wedding ceremony- from just the two of you to up to 100 people! 


So, why not have your civil, spiritual, interfaith or traditional Jewish wedding in Central Park?

Steven Blane officiating at a wedding at Bow Bridge in Central Park
Central Park Wedding
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Rabbi Steven Blane officiates at an Interfait Wedding
Same Sex Weddings

Jewish And Interfaith Weddings

I will be honored to share your journey and your joy and officiate at your Interfaith Wedding Ceremony.


I'm happy customize your ceremony to make it exactly the way you want it to be. 


And Interfaith wedding ceremony is best handled by a professional clergy-person. I understand the challenges associated with interfaith wedding ceremonies and I will guide and help you create the ceremony you envision!

While interfaith weddings occurs among couples of all faiths, the most frequent request is for clergy to officiate at Jewish-Christian Weddings. And many of those are interfaith marriages between Catholic and Jewish partners. 

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