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Rabbi Steven Blane

Jewish Universalist Rabbi
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Rabbi Steven Blane at Rosh Hashana Services at The Bitter End

About Rabbi Steven Blane

Greetings! I am Rabbi Steven Blane, a dedicated Rabbi and Cantor committed to celebrating love and unity through my work. With extensive experience as a wedding officiant, I specialize not only in Jewish weddings but also in officiating Civil, Non-Religious, Interfaith, Spiritual, and Same-Sex weddings, as well as vow renewals. My services extend to meaningful life events such as Bar & Bat Mitzvahs, Baby Namings, and Funerals. Known for my unique approach, I am possibly the only rabbi who joyfully arrives on a bicycle or my E-Scooter to lead ceremonies, a sight often seen in the picturesque settings of Central Park.


Based in the vibrant city of New York, my officiating services know no boundaries. I am more than willing to travel across the globe to be part of any ceremony that honors the love and commitment between two individuals. My experiences have taken me to beautiful destinations like Turks and Caicos and Cancun, where I have had the privilege of officiating numerous ceremonies.

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"The beauty of the rainbow lies in its many hues which come together in unity and in its harmonies and colors." Rabbi J.H. Gelberman on "Interfaith Relationships".


Bar-Bat Mitzvah

Have you child prepare for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah by studying with me online via Facetime or Skype. I will customize the Service to meet the needs of your family.



While Jewish and Christian funerals incorporate many rituals as well as specific formats, people with no connection to houses of worship or clergy are left with few choices


Baby Naming

I will happily come to your home or other location to officiate at a Baby Naming ceremony for your daughter or son. Your entire family will participate in a meaningful ritual


What Our Clients Say

Peter and Rebecca

Dear Rabbi-

Iam so very sorry it has taken us so long to write you this message ! We just wanted to say a big thank you for making our wedding so special, you were just wonderful. The whole process was seamless, I didn’t feel an ounce of stress even though we were doing the planning from Australia. I felt like I was with family and your words were just beautiful. If we had to plan it all over again I wouldn’t do a thing differently. 


Thank you once again,

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Steven Blane at a Gig
Singer Musician


As a singer-songwriter and rabbi, I have always sought to blend the rich traditions of Jewish spirituality with the universal language of music. This unique combination allows me to connect with a broad audience, infusing traditional Jewish themes with a contemporary musical style that resonates with today's listeners. My passion for music and spirituality drives me to create experiences that are meaningful, soulful, and accessible. Embracing Tradition with a Modern Twist In my work, I aim to innovate and include, drawing from my deep musical background to enhance ceremonies, teachings, and celebrations. My songs, characterized by their heartfelt lyrics and captivating melodies, explore themes of love, faith, and the human experience. Through music, I make the ancient wisdom of Jewish tradition accessible and relevant, offering a bridge between the past and the present. My Journey as a Singer-Songwriter As a singer-songwriter, my music spans various genres, from folk to jazz, reflecting my versatility and depth as a musician. My songs are more than entertainment; they are the expressions of my spiritual journey and reflections on life's profound questions. Through my music, I aim to inspire, comfort, and connect with listeners, providing a unique blend of spiritual uplift and musical enjoyment. Contributing to Jewish Music and Culture My contributions to Jewish music and culture are deeply personal. Through my original compositions and performances, I have carved a niche that merges traditional Jewish music with contemporary sounds. Whether enriching Jewish ceremonies like weddings and baby naming ceremonies or creating music that speaks to the soul, my goal is to bring a modern sensibility to these age-old traditions. Engaging with My Music For those interested in exploring my work, my music is available across various platforms, including streaming services, social media, and my website. My albums offer a wide range of songs that reflect my dual identity as a rabbi and a musician, providing listeners with a rich auditory experience of Jewish spirituality conveyed through music. A Vision for the Future As a leader in the Jewish community, my vision is one of inclusivity, diversity, and progress. I advocate for a Judaism that is open and welcoming to everyone, grounded in empathy, openness, and an understanding of music and spirituality's transformative power. My leadership style is informed by my belief in the power of music to unite and heal, fostering a sense of shared humanity and unity. Through my music and spiritual leadership, I continue to strive for a world that embraces unity, diversity, and the profound beauty of our shared human journey.

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