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Rabbi Steven Blane

Rabbi Steven Blane

Greetings! I am Rabbi Steven Blane, a dedicated Rabbi and Cantor committed to celebrating love and unity through my work. With extensive experience as a wedding officiant, I specialize not only in Jewish weddings but also in officiating Civil, Non-Religious, Interfaith, Spiritual, and Same-Sex weddings, as well as vow renewals. My services extend to meaningful life events such as Bar & Bat Mitzvahs, Baby Namings, and Funerals. Known for my unique approach, I am possibly the only rabbi who joyfully arrives on a bicycle or my E-Scooter to lead ceremonies, a sight often seen in the picturesque settings of Central Park.


Based in the vibrant city of New York, my officiating services know no boundaries. I am more than willing to travel across the globe to be part of any ceremony that honors the love and commitment between two individuals. My experiences have taken me to beautiful destinations like Turks and Caicos and Cancun, where I have had the privilege of officiating numerous ceremonies. Understanding the importance of preparation, I offer comprehensive guidance for Bar or Bat Mitzvah ceremonies through Zoom or Facetime, ensuring a meaningful and personalized experience for your special day, regardless of the location.

Choosing me, Rabbi Steven Blane, as your officiant means entrusting your ceremony to a professional who values and respects your unique wishes and beliefs. Whether you desire a simple exchange of vows and rings, a spiritually enriched ceremony, or a traditional wedding imbued with ritual, I am here to ensure your vision becomes a reality, making your special day unforgettable.

Rabbi Steven Blane: A Multifaceted Spiritual Leader

As a multifaceted individual, I, Rabbi Steven Blane, have embraced various roles throughout my life. My journey encompasses being a husband, father, and a spiritual leader deeply rooted in Jewish traditions. I am not only a Rabbi and a Cantor but also a teacher, a student, and an artist in various forms.

My Artistic Endeavors and Achievements

My artistic pursuits range from being a pianist, guitarist, and ukuleleist to a singer-songwriter and voiceover artist. My theater experience includes acting in Off and On Broadway shows, co-writing, and producing an Off-Off Broadway Rock Opera. I co-owned Blane & DeRosa Productions, an audio-production company that has produced thousands of children's books, songs, and stories for major publishers. Google "Blane & DeRosa" to see the breadth of our work.

Founding Sim Shalom and My Role as a Rabbi

In my role as Rabbi, I have always intertwined my life experiences with my spiritual journey. This path led me to found Sim Shalom, the Online Jewish Universalist Synagogue, where I serve as the Founder and Spiritual Leader. My dedication to Jewish teachings and practices is evident in my leadership at the JSLI Rabbinical School and our online community, Sim Shalom.

My Educational and Professional Journey

My educational background includes a B.A. in Music Education from Jersey City University, where I majored in Voice. Professionally, I have performed off and on Broadway, appeared in films, and engaged in a variety of Cantorial roles across different Jewish communities. I was ordained as a Rabbi in June 2001 at Rabbinical Seminary International under Rabbi Joseph Gelberman.

My Vision and Contributions to Jewish Universalism

As Rabbi Steven Blane, I advocate for a vision of universal kindness, peace, and inclusiveness, deeply embedded in Jewish Universalism. This movement, which I have founded and nurtured, espouses key doctrines such as respect for Jewish traditions, the divinity of the Torah, and the celebration of Interfaith Families.

Commitment to Music and Community

Apart from my spiritual endeavors, I am passionate about writing songs. You can find out all about my Singer-Songwriter creds on my website, I play ukulele, piano, and guitar, and love to also perform Jazz Standards.

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