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Baby Naming

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Rabbi Blane officiates at a Brit Shalom Baby Naming Ceremony

Baby Naming- Simchat Bat- Brit Shalom

Jewish Baby Naming Ceremonies with Rabbi Blane

Rabbi Blane's ceremonies are not just rituals; they are vibrant celebrations of new life, infused with music, song, and personal touches that make each event uniquely meaningful. Whether in a synagogue or at home, Rabbi Blane creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere where families can celebrate the arrival of their child. His ceremonies are rich in history and significance, symbolizing the child's entry into a covenant with God and the Jewish people, while also honoring the family's individual values and beliefs.

For girls, Rabbi Blane conducts Simchat Bat ceremonies that are full of joy and celebration, where the giving of the Hebrew name becomes a profound moment of identity and connection to Jewish heritage. Through his music and prayers, he creates a special bond among the attendees, celebrating the beginning of the girl's journey in the Jewish faith.

Brit Shalom: A Compassionate Alternative by Rabbi Blane

Although most Jews circumcise their baby boys as they are under tremendous pressure to conform to religious norms, it is important to remember that today for non-traditional Jews, circumcision is an option. An alternative ritual to the Brit Milah is the "Brit Shalom” ("Covenant of Peace").  

Rabbi Blane is at the forefront of offering the Brit Shalom, a compassionate and inclusive alternative to the traditional Brit Milah. This ceremony is designed for liberal Jews who wish to welcome their male children into the Jewish community without circumcision.

The Brit Shalom ceremonies conducted by Rabbi Blane are joyful, spiritual events that affirm the child's place within the Jewish community. Through his unique blend of music, prayer, and personal storytelling, Rabbi Blane creates a memorable and significant experience that respects the physical and emotional well-being of the child.

Embracing Diversity within Tradition

Rabbi Blane is committed to supporting families in celebrating this significant milestone in a way that honors their faith, values, and the well-being of their children. His ceremonies are not only a testament to the evolving nature of Jewish practice but also a memorable and meaningful beginning to the child's journey in the Jewish tradition.

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