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Jewish and Interfaith Weddings

"The beauty of the rainbow lies in its many hues which come together in unity and in its harmonies and colors." Rabbi J.H. Gelberman on "Interfaith Relationships"


What is an interfaith wedding? An Interfaith wedding is defined as the union of two people who were raised in two different religions. Why do I officiate at interfaith weddings? Because I choose to validate the desire of each partner to stay connected to his or her faith, people, and culture.


More than fifty percent of Jewish men and women choose non-Jewish men and women as life partners and soul-mates and I fully support the union of interfaith couples. 


Just as your faiths are different so are your needs. I understand that many couples have a difficult time finding the right rabbi for their wedding ceremonies. I promise to help make your wedding ceremony joyous and memorable. I believe that when it comes to love, "no" is not included in God's vocabulary and we know that love is by far the greatest doctrine of all faiths!


While I am a Rabbi, I am also trained as a Cantor and I chant the prayers that accompany a Jewish Wedding Ceremony. And I can play guitar or piano or ukulele depending on the style of ceremony you would like.  Some couples like to hear me sing their favorite love song during the processional or ceremony or for the couple's first dance.



I will work with you on everything you need- from your interfaith wedding program, through the selection of a ketubah and wedding vows and I will help to make your day an expression of who you are. And if you do have a "last minute" interfaith wedding ceremony request, please don't hesitate to contact me because I will try my very best to accommodate you!


For a religious ceremony or one that is customized (which might include a spiritual component, readings, a song, customized vows, etc.) please contact me for more information. I guarantee that above all else, your wedding will be joyous and memorable!


You can hear a sample of a traditional wedding as well as a few romantic wedding songs on my Videos page. I also sing and play Jazz- and I'm available to do a short set before or after your ceremony!


Some FAQ's:


Is a marriage between a Jew and non-Jew "kosher?"


To be considered traditionally "kosher," a wedding must be between two Jews (who's mothers are Jewish) and performed "halachically."  "Halachic" means according to "traditional" Torah law and applies to Orthodox and Conservative Jews.

Reconstructionist and Reform Jews do not consider themselves to be "halachic," and they recognize the child of either a Jewish mother or father as being Jewish.  So while an interfaith wedding does not have religious validity within some movements of the  mainstream Jewish community, choosing to raise the child of such a union as Jewish does.


Rabbi Blane, what is your process?


Contact me and I will respond to you shortly. We will then discuss your needs and the details. Should you decide to proceed, I will email you an agreement and we move ahead from there. Above all, you must be comfortable and happy with your choice.


How much do you charge?


Fees are based on a combination of things- the type of ceremony and the location. But I will do my best to officiate for you within your budget.


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