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I have officiated at hundreds of weddings, both religious and non-religious. My experience will guide you towards having the perfect wedding ceremony!


And I have traveled around the United States and from New York to Turks and Caicos to Bermuda to Cancun to officiate at weddings.


One amazing location is Isla De Mujeres, which is a small Island just a short ferry ride from the airport at Cancun. It is a very short flight from the NYC Metropolitan area (only 3.5 hours).


Cancun's resort hotels are beautiful and provide quality at reasonable prices. But Isla De Mujeres is unlike any other destination in Cancun. It's just a short ferry ride from the airport. The Island is charming and safe, the beaches are spectacularly beautiful and the food is inexpensive and wonderful. It's perfect for a wedding, or an anniversary and will provide an experience your guests will always remember.

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