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Zoom Bar-Bat Mitzvahs

Now you can have your child's Bar or Bat Mizvah online on a Friday night with our Sim Shalom Synagogue!

Even when covid is no longer as great a challenge, you will find an online Zoom Bar or Bat Mitzvah Service is the answer you have been looking for!

I am based in New York City but you can have your child's Bar or Bat Mizvah anywhere you are in the country (or world)! I will take care of all the details- everything from training and preparation through creating a siddur for the occasion.

I will also arrange for a tutor to help prepare your child for his special day.


No more driving your child back and forth for lessons. Just log on to your computer and prepare for a non-traditional but totally joyful Bar or Bat Mizvah. I have videos of actual ceremonies, so please be in touch.


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